This Old House is New Again

Initially the owners wanted to live in the house but their original design drawings involved tying into 3 sides of the existing house and renovating both the main and second floors and included building a carport with a loft above. The only room that would not have been under new construction would have been the existing bathroom.

So living in the home during the 8 to 9 moths of work was out of the question.

We proposed a new layout, that would give them more for their money and allow them to continue living in the home (what you see in pictures here) and the owners fell in love with the new less costly idea.

Using our new design the owners were able to stay in the house and since they are now also getting a new kitchen we were able to set up a temporary kitchen using materials from the old one. The transition from old to new has resulted in a very spacious and prestigious new home and a very pleased customer.

How we won the project

The home owner Cat London, said she checked out over 20 of our references before the contract was signed. Cat said the responses from our previous customers gave her the confidence she needed to trust in the RorDan Team to complete their new home.

"I checked out 20 or more of your references and they all had positive things to say and that gave me the total trust and reassurance in Rordan for all contracting, building, new construction, tying into old homes with new and complete home renovations." - Cat London